Columbia University Launches Open Online Course ‘Learning Success’ on

Course Provides Students with Learning Strategies for Academic Success

NEW YORK, New York. Columbia University has released an open online course, Learning Success, to provide students everywhere with learning strategies to be successful in higher education courses. The self-paced course is free and open to all on with an optional paid verified certificate program.

The course provides students with foundational study skills, strategies for more effective reading, writing, test preparation and time management, and proven tips for students taking STEM and other technical courses. It also covers metacognition—the awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes—in relation to learning, as well as growth vs. fixed mindsets, to provide students with a better understanding of how they learn.

“With many students working remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this resource introduces skills and strategies for success as they take on greater responsibility over their own learning,” said Michael Cennamo, Associate Director of Educational Technology at the Columbia University Center for Veteran Transition and Integration (CVTI).

About the Learning Success course.

The online curriculum may be used in a variety of ways, including as a start-to-finish, self-directed online experience, a library/toolkit of academic success strategies, a tool for flipped classroom pedagogy, or a companion text for on-the-ground transition courses.

Learning Success was produced by Columbia’s School of General Studies, Center for Veteran Transition and Integration, and Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). The course is an abridged version of University Studies for Student Veterans, a course created in 2017 by the same instructors, which provides strategies for academic success for service members and veterans navigating the transition from military service to the college classroom. However, this version of the course is tailored to all students, not just veterans.

The Learning Success course is available at:

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About the Instructors
R.J. Jenkins is a Curriculum Design Specialist at the Columbia University Center for Veteran Transition and Integration where his primary responsibility is the development of “University Studies for Student Veterans,” an online curriculum that helps prepare veterans to succeed academically as they transition from military service into higher education settings.

Sara Remedios is Associate Dean of Students and Director of Academic and Learning Initiatives at Columbia University’s School of General Studies where she directs the Academic Resource Center and oversees all academic and learning initiatives.

Josh Edwin is Associate Dean of Students at Columbia University’s School of General Studies. His role includes working in academic support programs, teaching University Studies, and advising on health and wellness issues

About the Center for Teaching and Learning at Columbia University
The Center for Teaching and Learning partners with faculty, students, and colleagues across the University to support excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. The CTL is committed to advancing the culture of teaching and learning for professional development, curricular enhancement, and academic support through its programs, services, and resources.

About the Columbia University Center for Veteran Transition and Integration 
The CVTI supports excellence and innovation in transition programming for current and former members of the armed forces. The program ensures transitioning veterans receive access to world class programming and support designed to maximize their potential in education and the workforce.


This post originally appeared on the CTL’s website at this link on October 14, 2020.