In March 2014, Columbia University announced its partnership with edX, and Provost John Coatsworth shared plans to “offer courses in fields ranging from the humanities to the sciences.” Eric Foner, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University, taught the first course on edX on the Civil War and Reconstruction.

edX Columbia University, also known as ColumbiaX, offers online MicroMasters, XSeries and individual courses on a variety of subjects taught by our top instructors at Columbia University. MicroMasters and XSeries are a combination of a bunch of individual courses that can also be taken individually. These programs can now be audited for free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee.

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MicroMasters at ColumbiaX

Artificial Intelligence

Gain expertise in one of the most fascinating and fastest growing areas of computer science. The MicroMasters program gives learners a rigorous, advanced, professional, graduate-level foundation in Artificial Intelligence. The individual courses include:

Business Analytics

Learn how to harness the power of analytics to make better business decisions and advance your career. This MicroMasters program empowers learners with the skills, insights, and understanding to improve business performance using data, statistical and quantitative analysis, and explanatory and predictive modeling to help make actionable decisions. Individual courses in this MicroMasters include:

XSeries at ColumbiaX

The Civil War and Reconstruction

In this XSeries program, learn about the political, social, and economic changes in the Union and the Confederacy and the Civil War’s long-term economic and intellectual impact. One theme throughout the series is what might be called the politics of history – how the world in which a historian lives affects his or her view of the past, and how historical interpretations reinforce or challenge the social order of the present. The individual courses in this XSeries include:

Women Have Always Worked

In this Xseries program, we will learn how women began to ask for equality and what the word equality meant and still means for different women. But we’ll also ask you to consider a more difficult set of questions that revolve around whether equality for some women might limit the freedom of others. Will women demand benefits for themselves that provide a few with equality with men while fomenting inequality with each other? What about sisterhood? Will some of us move forward while others are left behind? These are questions that haunt us today. Individual courses in this XSeries include:

Veteran Transition: Academic Excellence and Career Readiness

This XSeries program from Columbia University’s Center for Veteran Transition and Integration, breaks down the barriers for successful transition for service members. These courses help orient veterans to the norms and expectations of the college classroom, along with offering strategies to ease the transition, help achieve academic goals, and allow student to optimize their college education for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, or even graduate school. Individual courses in this XSeries include:

Professional Certificate Programs on ColumbiaX

Corporate Finance

In the Professional Certificate program for Corporate Finance you will learn both the sound theoretical principles of finance and the practical environment in which financial decisions are made. This program which is based on the first year course taught in Columbia Business School’s MBA program is for those looking to advance their career in a range of professions, including investment banking, private equity, consulting, general management, and CFO track jobs within a corporation. The individual courses in this Professional Certificate program include:

Data Science for Executives

Data science is making us smarter and more innovative in so many ways. How does it all work? In this Certificate program you will gain insight into the latest data science tools and their application in finance, health care, product development, sales and more. Learn the foundations of statistical thinking, the power of machine learning, and enabling technologies for data science using real-world examples. The individual courses in this Professional Certificate program include:

All ColumbiaX Courses

Analytics in Python

Learn the fundamental of programming in Python and develop the ability to analyze data and make data-driven decisions.

Animation and CGI Motion

Learn the science behind movie animation from the Director of Columbia’s Computer Graphics Group.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and apply them. Design intelligent agents to solve real-world problems including search, games, machine learning, logic, and constraint satisfaction problems.

Business Analytics: Theory and Practice

Learn how to use data to develop insights and predictive capabilities to make better business decisions.

Crisis Resource Management

Learn the skills critical for effective teamwork in a crisis situation with focus on preparation, decision-making, and reflection across multidisciplinary teams.

Data, Models and Decisions in Business Analytics

Learn fundamental tools and techniques for using data towards making business decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Find Your Calling: Career Transition Principles for Returning Veterans

This course provides military veterans with a useful roadmap to transition more smoothly from military service to a new and meaningful civilian career.

Freedom of Expression in the Age of Globalization

Freedom of Expression is at the heart of many global controversies and challenges. Learn about the scope, limits, and abuses of this fundamental human right.

Global Muckraking: Investigative Journalism and Global Media

Learn how brave journalists can rock the world by exposing corruption and human rights and labor abuses.

Inclusive Teaching: Supporting All Students in the College Classroom

Explore the principles of inclusive teaching and learn how to apply them in your classroom to support diverse learners.

Indian & Tibetan River of Buddhism

Explore an overview of the history and philosophy of Buddhism throughout India, South and Southeast Asia, Tibet, and Central Asia, featuring the basics of the Buddhist view of reality and its educational principles of sciences, mind and social ethics.

Indigenous Peoples' Rights

Examine how Indigenous Peoples have been contesting norms, institutions and global debates in the past 50 years, and how they have been re-shaping and gradually decolonizing these systems at international and national levels.

Innovating Instruction: Reimagining Teaching with Technology

This interactive MOOC is designed to prepare K-12 educators to integrate technology through the use of a design-based process.

Introduction to Corporate Finance

Learn key financial concepts for evaluating and valuing investment opportunities, including how to value stocks and bonds.

Learning Success

Learn successful strategies that will help you achieve your academic goals, allowing you to make the most of your college education.

Machine Learning

Master the essentials of machine learning and algorithms to help improve learning from data without human intervention.

Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics

Learn the principles of machine learning and the importance of algorithms.

Marketing Analytics

Develop quantitative models that leverage business data to forecast sales and support important marketing decisions.

Protecting Children in Humanitarian Settings

Strengthen your approach to protecting and promoting the wellbeing of children in humanitarian settings using the latest evidence on childhood adversity and drawing on experiences from child protection practitioners.

Risk and Return and the Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Learn how to measure the risk and return of equity and debt; and compute the weighted average of cost of capital.


Learn the core techniques for representing robots that perform physical tasks in the real world.

Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics

Learn how statistics plays a central role in the data science approach.

The Civil War and Reconstruction - 1850 – 1861

Discover how the issue of slavery came to dominate American politics, and how political leaders struggled and failed to resolve the growing crisis in the nation.

The Civil War and Reconstruction - 1861 – 1865

Learn about the political, social, and economic changes in the Union and the Confederacy and the Civil War’s long-term economic and intellectual impact.

The Civil War and Reconstruction - 1865 – 1890

Learn about the political, social, and economic changes in the Union and the Confederacy and the Civil War’s long-term economic and intellectual impact.

The Free Cash Flow Method for Firm Valuation

Learn how to use the free cash flow method for firm valuation and how to compute and project free cash flows.

The Science of Learning - What Every Teacher Should Know

An introductory teaching course for K-12 teachers about the science of learning and how to use current research to improve classroom outcomes.

University Studies for Student Veterans

This course helps veterans transition smoothly from military service to college, and helps them maximize their success once they arrive.

Fighting for Equality: 1950–2018

This course begins with an examination of how the Cold War reinforced the ideals of the suburban, nuclear family and how these ideals impacted women’s trajectory towards independence and equality, and ends with the rise of the Me Too movement and a look at how the 2018 midterm election ushered in a new era of women in politics.

Negotiating a Changing World: 1920-1950

Beginning with the passing of the 19th Amendment and on through World War II, explore the new cultural and economic opportunities that emerged for women in this period while gaining an understanding of how racial, familial, and legal structures placed constraints on that independence. Learn how women’s contributions to the war effort provided both new opportunities and new barriers.

Fighting HIV with Antiretroviral Therapy: Implementing the Treat-All Approach

Focused on antiretroviral therapy for treating and preventing HIV, this is the first MOOC to train healthcare providers in the latest usage guidelines
Also offered in French

Pediatric HIV Nursing

Learn pediatric HIV nursing care and treatment according to up-to-date World Health Organization clinical guidelines.

Also offered in French