Coursera Specialization “Construction Project Management and Planning”

by | Jun 5, 2017

Ibrahim S Odeh, Founding Director in Construction Management at Columbia University and Santiago Castagnino from Boston Consulting Group, recently had a conversation with Michael Buechler from World Economic Forum. They discussed how the construction industry can rebuild itself in the 21st century, where managing talent has been an issue since long and shortage of skilled labor is reported by a major chunk of the companies in the industry.

They suggested that the industry can attract more talent by following steps like prioritizing talent management, rejuvenating corporate culture, investing in diversity, leveraging technology and innovation, fostering continuous learning and career development, creating relevant incentives and redefining the public image of construction. These steps as they sound are quite complex and require time to be successfully implemented for which a further step was recommended, i.e., “Collaborating Systematically” between companies and external organizations like universities to leverage professional development.

As a part of this Columbia University’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Construction Project Management and Planning” Specialization was suggested/advised as an example of a collaboration of the construction industry with the a university for continuous L&D of construction professionals.

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