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Explore the self-paced courses offered by some of our top faculty members from Columbia University at the Canvas Network. Canvas Network provides all the ease and functionality of Canvas, the learning management system that makes teaching and learning easier for more than 18 million higher ed, K-12, and workforce users worldwide.

Courses on Canvas

Collaborative Knowledge

In this course, you will learn how to collaborate effectively and gain the tools to share knowledge, technology content, and data in a way that will increase the performance and impact of organizations, businesses, and networks.

Five Killer Risks of Enterprise Risk Management

The risks that most organizations overlook share three characteristics: everyone is aware of them, they are politically difficult to discuss, and they are often leading indicators of high-severity risk events. This course will help identify these killer risks, discuss their root causes and attributes, and suggest how to address their mitigation using advanced techniques in enterprise risk management (ERM).

Global Human Capital Trends

This course probes the workforce upheavals that are forcing organizations to respond quickly and refocus to meet modern challenges. Through practical application of specific trends in human capital management, we will examine design thinking for HR, employee engagement, and the personalization of learning.